antispy SDK can be licensed per developer and project or per company. A per developer and project model is attractive for small project teams that want to integrate antispy SDK in their software project. A company license model makes more sense where many projects and developers require to use antispy SDK.

Evaluation Licenses

Classic evaluation does not work with antispy SDK since the library is shipped in source code and makes heavy use of C++ meta programming. To evaluate antispy SDK we can offer the following evaluation options:

  • We can send you test projects that show how to integrate antispy SDK including compiled binaries to analyze.
  • You send us a test project where we integrate antispy and send you the compiled binaries for further analyze.


We charge 1500 EUR / year / developer that uses antispy SDK. This applies to named developer licenses. This also includes free updates. If you need antispy SDK in multiple projects or large developer teams, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a quote about company licensing.


We are releasing two major feature upates a year. Bug fixes and security updates are released as needed.


If you have any further questions, please do reach out to us and contact us via mail.