Privacy Policy

Liasoft® operates the website This document outlines our privacy approach, emphasizing our commitment to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring you understand your rights.

Understanding Privacy

Privacy is the fundamental right to control information about oneself. It encompasses any data or assessments that could identify you personally. At Liasoft, we take this right seriously and are dedicated to protecting your privacy in every interaction with our website.

No Personal Data Collection

Liasoft does not collect, process, or store any personal data from visitors to our website. We are committed to ensuring that your visit to our site remains private and secure. There are no forms to submit personal information, nor do we track or analyze personal data for marketing purposes or any other reason.

Use of Matomo for Analytics

To improve our website and user experience, we employ Matomo for web analytics. However, it is crucial to note that we have configured Matomo to operate in a privacy-friendly manner that does not collect any personal information. Our use of Matomo is purely for understanding site usage patterns without identifying individual users.

Cookies and Tracking

In alignment with our privacy-first approach, our website does not use cookies. We do not deploy any form of tracking mechanisms that could compromise your privacy. You can browse with the assurance that your visit is not being tracked or analyzed in any personally identifiable way.

Your Privacy Rights

Given our policy of not collecting personal data, there are no specific actions required to protect your privacy while using our site. However, should you have any concerns or questions about our privacy practices, we welcome your inquiries.

Dispute Resolution

Any disputes related to the use of our website will be governed by German law, ensuring a fair and lawful resolution.

Contact Us

For questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, please reach out to us at [email protected].

This policy is designed to make clear our stance on privacy: Liasoft is committed to a website experience that respects your right to privacy, with no personal data collection, no cookies, and no tracking.